Saturday, November 10, 2012


Interesting how Samsung hired LeBron James in its latest TV commercial for the Galaxy Note 2. I’m assuming they did so to make the ridiculously-large phone/tablet-wannabe look a little more normal sized when used by the massive figure that LeBron is.

Whatever they’re doing, though, must be working because the Galaxy Note 2 is actually selling pretty well according to recent reports from Samsung.

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Talk About Exaggeration

Isn’t this a bit overdramatic, HuffPost? What do you call these?

New iPhone 5 Features

  • Faster, lighter, thinner
  • Taller 4” diagonal screen
  • LTE on Verizon/AT&T/Sprint
  • Free GPS, turn-by-turn navigation in Maps app
  • Best battery life yet for an iPhone
  • HD front-facing camera for FaceTime & self portraits

These were the takeaway points for me. (But you’ll be able to find a ton more detailed coverage across the web if you like that kind of thing.)

It certainly looks like the iPhone 5 will be a winner — but everyone already knows that.

Update: Apple has updated its own iPhone 5 page.